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    Proudly providing insurance plans to the most prestigious companies and influential personas as well as all the regular citizens; making us the leader of the industry in Canada and a reliable partner to all of our members.
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  • Protecting you is our priority

    Sunrise Insurance constantly develops new methodologies and improves existing, proved ways to protect you, your business and properties. Find the best insurance that matches your lifestyle, needs and requirements and let us do the rest!

Sunrise Insurance


Secure the lives of your family members, invest in their future and prevent their potential troubles. Our life insurance is designed for those that think several steps ahead.

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Long Term Care

Available to all our clients between the age of 40 to 80, insurance focuses on providing convenient condition for your maintenance once you cannot longer take care of yourself properly.

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Get a quote for an adequate travel insurance plan that meets your requirements and ensures you stay covered on the road, regardless of your stops and a final destination.

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Super Visa

The requirements for Super Visa in Canada are changing frequently and in order to apply for the Super Visa, one must purchase a private medical insurance.

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Rules of Financial Planning

At Sunrise Insurance we believe in providing exceptional services by highly educated, experienced and professionally trained staff that will know how to find the best service and best product for you.

  • Insurance Planning
  • Investment Planning
  • Tax Planning
  • Cash Management
  • Estate Planning
  • Next Generation Wealth Transfer Planning
  • Retirement Planning


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Sunrise Insurance Vision

Our vision is to be the main insurance provider to people across the entire Canada. Our team constantly works on the expansion of our network, reaching out to new audience every day and becoming the leading insurance provider within our area. We aim to continue our development and become the number one shield of all Canadians.