Term Insurance

Sunrise Insurance offers Term Insurance for all the clients that need to secure themselves for a specific time period.

Term Insurance is the least expensive than permanent insurance, which is a reason to buy this insurance.

In case the insured with a Term Insurance policy in force losses his life during that term, the family of the holder will receive a tax free death benefit.

After your term expires, you can buy any other Term for which you qualify. However, it is recommended that you convert your present Term insurance to a more suitable Term insurance covering more number of years, or converting a part/full sum assured to Whole Life/Universal Life Insurance.

Select one of the following terms
  • Term 10
  • Term 15
  • Term 20
  • Term 25
  • Term 30
  • Term 40
  • Term 100
  • Pick your Term
  • Term Insurance with investments on UL platform