Available to all our clients between the age of 40 and 80, our Long Term Care focuses on providing convenient condition for your maintenance once you cannot longer take care of yourself properly. Our products provide the funds for the nursing or home care, which will ensure you receive every kind of help that could affect your condition positively.

By having a policy of this kind, you will no longer depend on the provincial health care. Instead, you will have your personal health insurance plan.

This insurance policy is created for people that want to keep living healthily but don’t want to feel like a burden to their loved ones. With this package, they will make sure not to bother anyone while receiving the best medical care at the same time.

  • Long Term Insurance can be compared to having your own medical plan. You will not depend on the provincial health care anymore because you will have an individualized insurance plan to cover all your needs.
  • It is an ideal plan for people in the retirement age.
  • 8 out of 10 people may require the need of long term care at some point of their lives.
  • Although the insurance plan is permanent, the premium payments tend to limit up to 20 years.