Life Insurance

Our Life Insurance offers multiple options. You can choose the option you prefer and which suits your needs the most. They all focus on securing you and your family in different ways.

Sunrise Insurance offers a set of Life Insurance products that you can choose based on your needs and preferences. Each one of these plans has two major purposes.

  • Protecting you during your lifetime
  • Securing your nominee after your death

With those top priorities, we designed programs that our long-term members are very satisfied with. We have policies that can meet the requirements of every person looking for a reliable insurance.

These policies, apart from your safety, focus on making the payment easy for you. There are several premiums for you to decide which one matches your income the best way.

Read more about our Life Insurance Policies in the continuation.

What Life Insurance covers
  • Maintains your family financially secure
  • Pay for the education of the family children
  • Pay your debts and loans
  • Cover post-death expenses, such as funeral
  • Estate Planning
Our Life Insurance products
  • Term Life Insurance
  • Whole Life Insurance (WL)
  • Universal Life Insurance (UL)
  • Hybrid Insurance ( Term & UL combo)