You can never know what could occur at the work place or somewhere else and cause temporary or permanent consequences to your physical state. The chance of getting injured or disabled is actually very high.

Imagine if suddenly you faced physical difficulties that would disturb your lifestyle completely and prevent you from working and practicing the same old routine; who would pay for your life? – The answer is no one. No one would pay the amount you need every month to maintain your life style and cover your monthly expenses.

Well, that “no one” can be replaced easily if you decide to contact us for your disability insurance. In case anything unforeseen would happen to you and change your life and life style, you would have us to rely on and provide you the best conditions you could have and it’s all because you thought about it on time, thing most people don’t do.

Why Disability Insurance overpowers other coverage options that you may have had before
  • Worker’s Compensation compensates only injuries that occur at work.
  • Canada Pension Plan relies only on the government so receiving a compensation can be extremely long and not as beneficial since they deal with many cases like yours.
  • Group and association provide a limited protection only.
  • National coverage cannot be adjusted according to your needs and possibilities.

Book a consultation with our agents right now and never worry about being disabled without anyone to take care of you anymore.