Our Critical Illness Insurance acts rapidly in cases of a diagnosis of a serious illness. The insured are protected from sudden bankrupt of their family or unpleasant, expensive costs of their treatment which could cover the expenses that would cause a financial pinch to you and your loved ones without a proper insurance signed beforehand.

The insurance can also be designed in a way to assist you with your treatment and help you treat your critical illness and maintain your hope to live, instead of solely focusing on the consequences of your death to your family members.

Main Features
  • Critical Illness Cover provides you with the specified one time lump sum amount in case you are diagnosed with a critical illness.
  • You must have been diagnosed with one of the illnesses provided on the list of critical illnesses in order to receive your one time lump sum payment. You cannot claim the sum by reporting any sickness, even if it affects your work ability
  • Some medical cases will require medical evidence in order to receive your payment.
  • Certain types of illnesses will require one month of survival before being able to receive a payment.

Critical Illness Insurance is not the same as payment protection and income protection. Please book a consultation with our agent and get informed about every aspect of this insurance plan before making a final decision.